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Sup Yoga




Sup Yoga is a class based on both Paddle + Yoga training.

There's 2 level classes : Beginner & Intermediate.

Each class is 1 hour ( 20 min paddle + 40 min yoga ).

If you've never done SUP before then I would not suggest to start with an interactive class like Sup Yoga.  We highly suggest to start with the 'Paddle Out' class as you will learn all the basics to get you started so that when you actually join the Sup Yoga class that you will feel comfortable, relaxed & focused.


Each sessions is based on availability.

Sessions are planned & scheduled according to the weather & forecast.

The schedule is updated & released twice a week.


Join our 'Weekly Schedule Update' group on WhatsApp where you will receive weekly schedule updates in regards to conditions, forecast & scheduled classes :


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